With the extreme growth and demographic changes that the Town of Whitestown has and will be experiencing, the Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department began a Bicycle Patrol program in June 2015.  Police Bicycle programs have found great success in urban settings throughout the U.S. According to the International Police Mountain Bike Association I.P.M.B.A, more than 2,200 departments in 43 states are using bike patrols.

Officers deployed on bikes are invaluable for community events like WMPD's National Night Out and the Whitestown Brew Fest as they can effectively patrol with high visibility in pedestrian and congested traffic areas. WMPD Bike Officers also effectively patrol all neighborhoods in town to promote community policing efforts. Bicycle Officers are often more approachable on a bike than in a police vehicle that is moving with the flow of traffic.

All WMPD Bike Officers attend a 40-hour bicycle-training course after being selected to participate in the program. The training covers a wide range of topics, from personal fitness to bicycling techniques in an urban setting.