The Operations Division is the "first responding" entity of the Whitestown Police Department. The Operations Division is composed of Uniform Patrol, Uniformed Reserve, Motorcycle,  and  uniformed Public Safety Officers. All officers of the Operations Division are under the direction of the Operations Division Commander.


Since the formation of the Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department in 2008, the Operations Division has embraced the concept of "Community Policing." The reason for this implementation is very simple...it works. We are working to combine the resources of our Police Department with those of neighborhood groups, social media, local service agencies and other entities to provide a blanket of service, able to cover nearly every situation that arises. No single agency can do it alone, but by working together and continually encouraging participation from the community, we are better suited to achieve our common goal. The Whitestown Police Department ensures the quality of life, within our jurisdiction by not only working for you, but with you. The recently formed Crime Watch Program is a prime example of the Police Department and the general public coming together for the good of the community.

The Operations Division patrols 24hrs a day 365 days a year working closely with the investigations division to protect and serve all residents and visitors of the Town of Whitestown. In addition to basic patrol functions, the Operations Division also handles all calls for traffic enforcement, crash investigations, police report services and criminal / narcotic interdiction. The men and women of the Operations Division respond to a variety of calls interacting with the public on a daily basis.


To better serve the community, the Operations Division officers are equipped with state-of-the-art law enforcement technology such as cloud computing capabilities, moving and stationary radar units, digital in-car video systems and advanced GPS tracking and mapping software.