We are proud to pave the way for future Public Safety in Indiana.


Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department Public Safety Officers (PSO’s) are the first of their kind under an official title in Indiana. In reality, officers, deputies and firefighters throughout Indiana fit within this description, just not under an official title, (ie; police officers and deputies who are currently members of volunteer fire departments as well as firefighters, both full-time and volunteer who serve in the ranks as reserve police officers or deputies within their communities.)


All of Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department PSO’s are trained to the level of Firefighter 1 & 2 and hold that State of Indiana certification as well as First Responder EMS protocol. Full-time PSO’s attend the Indiana 16-week Law Enforcement Academy. While Reserve PSO’s must complete a recognized 480 hour reserve basic police academy. PSO’s are encouraged to enhance their training to obtain both Fire Safety Officer & Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certifications.


Our PSO’s train regularly with the Whitestown Fire Department and perform many of the fire ground support service tasks freeing fire department personnel for suppression and rescue operations. In-service training is continually ongoing on both police and fire education. Our PSO’s are very well equipped to handle their assigned tasks. PSO’s vehicles provide quick access to firefighter turnout gear, air-packs, rescue tools, EMS/trauma bags including airway management and each vehicle is AED equipped.


The WMPD PSO Program is a 24/7 operation, PSO’s will respond to any type of emergency call to any part of our community or assist any agency who requests assistance cutting Fire & EMS response times. Dubbed as the next generation of Public Safety, we are very proud to provide this first of its kind service to the Whitestown community.