In 2015 the Whitestown Town Council formally designated the Whitestown Municipal Complex, Fire Station 71 and Fire Station 72 as Safe Haven locations.  Below you will find the procedures that all town staff are to follow if we receive an infant via the Safe Haven law. 



Whitestown Newborn Safe Haven Intake Procedures


The “Safe Haven Law” affords parents the option to anonymously leave a newborn that is less than thirty days old with an emergency medical services provider. The Whitestown Town Council has designated the Whitestown Fire Stations and the Whitestown Municipal Complex, including the Whitestown Metropolitan Police Station, as “Newborn Safe Havens.” The following procedures are to be followed if a person brings a newborn to one of Whitestown’s Newborn Safe Havens:


1. The newborn should be immediately placed in the custody of a Whitestown firefighter or police officer. If the newborn is first brought to a Whitestown employee who is not a firefighter or police officer, that employee should dial 911.


2. The person receiving the child should ask the following questions: a) Is the child experiencing any medical issues? b) How old is the child? c) Are you voluntarily leaving the child? d) Do you intend to return for the child? e) Do you need medical attention?


3. The person receiving the child should state the following to the person leaving the child: “You are not required to provide the child’s parents’ names. But if you do not provide the parents’ names, then the parent-child relationship may be terminated and the child may be adopted without further notice.”


4. Once the child is in the custody of a Whitestown firefighter or police officer, the firefighter or police officer must perform any act necessary to protect the child’s physical health and safety.


5. The firefighter or police officer must immediately contact the Department of Child Services (“DCS”) to notify it that a child has been taken into custody.


6. DCS will then immediately assume the care, control, and custody of the child.