Officers within the Whitestown Metropolitan Police Departments Traffic Division are responsible for enforcing all state and local, traffic and criminal laws. These enforcement activities can take place anywhere within the town and are not just limited to major streets or highways.


Public awareness and education is the primary goal with any enforcement activity. It is our hope that thru effective education and awareness the public will understand that traffic laws save lives.


The department currently has four certified motorcycle enforcement officers. These officers are responsible for enforcing traffic laws, identifying high accident locations within the Town of Whitestown and working proactively to reduce accidents and traffic fatalities. These officers must pass an intensive 80-hour police motorcycle training course before they are allowed to participate in motor enforcement activities.


Additionally, motor officers are an important part of the Towns special events, due to their maneuverability in heavily congested areas. Motor officers also provide special event escorts and work special traffic direction details as needed.


All of our traffic officers have ancillary duties including training, investigations, administration and standard patrol duties. All officers work both day and night shifts.


If you would like to report speeding vehicles in your neighborhood or another type of traffic issue please call us at 317-732-4540 or email us at